'R&B' - The story behind the picture

This photo was shot in April 2013 in a famous bar in Hamburg called „R&B“. It was famous for its 60ish look and interieur. I spent a lot of great nights there with friends in my 20s. 

So I was sitting there, enjoying a glass of red wine, as you can see in the lower corner on the left. This guy came in. Sat down and ordered a cappuccino at 9 pm. The waitress gave him a whole bunch of little cookies, like she knew that he would love them. I assume he was a frequent guest. I pulled out my, at this time brand new, SONY RX1 and took two shots. I was sitting right next to him, but he didn’t realized what I was doing thanks to that small camera. 

At this evening I wasn’t aware that this Bar will be shut down a couple of years later. So this picture is a reminiscence of this place with the very suitable name „R&B", its unique guests, its colorful style and a lot of good memories for many hamburgians.